Are children allowed?

Yes, we are a family friendly, multi-generational music convention and welcome everyone. Children 12 years and younger are free but must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

Can I bring an ice chest?


I purchased tickets but have not received an email confirmation?

An email confirmation with electronic tickets is sent from INGENUITY upon completion of transaction. Please check trash and spam email folders. For assistance call (913) 397-8850

What is Vendini

Vendini is the Vegas Tejano Music Week electronic ticketing system that provides dependable and easy-to-use ticketing and patron customer management solutions.

How do I get tickets if I do not have an email address?

No Problem! We can mail tickets to you! Call (913) 397-8850

Can I purchase tickets if I don’t have a computer?

Absolutely! Call (913) 397-8850

Are there designated areas for people in wheelchairs at the events?

The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino property is compliant with regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The various event locations are wheelchair accessible. The Gran Baile ballroom table seating configuration accommodates guests in wheelchairs and motorized scooters by ensuring adequate space at the 6ft round tables and wide space in between aisles to ensure ease of movement. Please call (913) 397-8850 for questions.

I have called and left a message, what should I do if I don’t receive a call back?

We make every effort to check messages and return all calls daily during business hours. During high volume times the  – we ask that you email us at cgarza@weareingenuity.com. Some reasons that calls are not returned include: speaking too fast, not leaving a name, not leaving a phone number or calling from a mobile phone with technical difficulties.

What do I need to have to purchase Vegas Tejano Music Week tickets online?

A valid credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER) and the information to process ticket order (full legal name, billing address of credit card, phone number, email address).

I purchased tickets to the Gran Baile, do I still have to purchase separate tickets to attend the TEXMEX FANFEST EXPO?

No. A Gran Baile ticket INCLUDES access to the TEXMEX FANFEST EXPO for the day of the Gran Baile ticket(s).
For example, a Friday Gran Baile ticket includes a Friday TEXMEX FANFEST EXPO (not Saturday).

How do I purchase tickets to events during Vegas Tejano Music Week?

Tickets can be purchased here on this website! For assistance call at (913) 397-8850

Where do I find more information on the Vegas Tejano Music Week and future events?

Add your email to the database on our website and follow us on
Facebook:  @tejanomusicnationalconvention
Twitter: @VegasTejano
Instagram: vegas.tejano

If I purchased Standard Gran Baile tickets, can I upgrade to VIP?

Yes! As long as we have inventory, simply pay the difference in pricing between the Standard seating and the VIP preferred seating. Call (913) 397-8850 for assistance.

Can I purchase tickets for a friend?

Yes, you can purchase tickets for a friend. The Vendini ticketing system lets you set the name on the order to which the tickets will belong to.

Can I purchase tickets the day of the event?

Yes, if there are tickets available.

Will food be available?

Yes. There is a variety of food and beverage concessions available for purchase at the Rio in the ballrooms where events take place. Credit cards and cash accepted.

Can I bring my own drinks to the Tejano Music National Convention or other Tejano events?

No. Outside food and beverages are not permitted at any of the Vegas Tejano Music Week events. There are multiple Rio food and beverage concession areas open during all events in the ballrooms for purchase. The food offerings include healthy option as well as TEXMEX themed options. 

Is it true that traditional menudo is served?

Yes! We are the only national convention that has served authentic menudo since the first Tejano Music National Convention in 2004!


Doors Open: 7:00 p.m. Fri & Sat.
Show Ends: 1:00 a.m. Fri & Sat.

Do I have an assigned chair?

Every ticket holder has an assigned TABLE indentified by one alphabetical letter followed by a number. Each table has ten chairs. As guest arrive, they may pick their seating. It is “first-come, first-serve” seating at the assigned table and guests may choose any of the available seats. If a guest discovers a seating assignment discrepancy, please notify registration or event staff immediately for assistance.

How do I know what table I am assigned to and where my seats are?

Your email confirmation e-ticket has the table assignment printed on it. Event staff are available at entrances to help direct you to your table.

Can I switch tables?

No. All Gran Baile tickets are assigned to a specific table. Event management respectfully requests that Gran Baile ticket holders honor the assigned table. If a guest discovers seating assignment discrepancy, please notify registration or event staff immediately for assistance.

What if someone is not supposed to be at my table?

If you discover that there is someone at your table that is not assigned to the table, please notify staff immediately so that the Event Staff or Event Security can help in locating the correct table.

I purchased a table and it is not placed in the exact location as on the diagram?

The diagram is a general guide of table placement. Some shifting occurs due to Fire Marshal changes and venue logistical requirements for crowd flow. It is our goal to get as close as possible to duplicating the floor chart within 30 feet. If a table is beyond the 30 feet allowance, we will try to accommodate guests onsite (no refunds), please notify the registration desk or a staff member as soon as possible, no later than 8:00 pm on show date.

Can I attend for one day or is it a requirement to buy tickets for the entire weekend?

Yes, you can attend for one day or all four days. Visit http://vegastejano.com/ and follow the ticket link to purchase your tickets. For assistance call (913) 397-8850

How do I pick up my wristbands onsite?

To receive your wristbands you must bring your printed e-ticket(s) to the conference area registration desk located at the Rio Rotunda to scan the e-ticket(s) QR code/bar code.

There are several couples that want to sit together at the same table. How can we be guaranteed to sit together?

Call (913) 397-8850 for assistance in coordinating your group table.

Do I have to wear the event wrist band all the time?

All events have event wrist bands and are the only way to identify those who have bought tickets to each event. Event Security will NOT allow guest to enter events without proper wristband.

What if I lose my wristband?

Lost wristbands must be purchased at 100% of the value.

If I can’t attend, what is the refund policy?

All ticket sales are final – there are NO REFUNDS.

Are there any senior, military, or special discounts?

No. Vegas Tejano Music Week offers superior competitive pricing compared to other Las Vegas Convention and EXPO tradeshows offerings and pricing.

How do I obtain information about purchasing an exhibitor booth?

Download the PDF exhibitor form on the EXPO SHOWCASES page on the website and follow the directions. If you have any questions call (913) 397-8850

When is the TEXMEX FANFEST EXPO open?

11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Fri & Sat.

I only want to attend the Gran Baile dances in the evening and not the day expo events – does the cost change?

The Tex-Mex Fan Fest Expo is added value for Gran Baile ticket holders. No additional cost.

Are we allowed to bring in a camera or record performances?

Yes. Personal camera phones are allowed. No professional grade recording devices allowed. Tripods, professional recording equipment, etc. will be confiscated by security. Guests are responsible for all possessions including handbags, phones, glasses, etc. Event management is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Is there a dress code?

No. Most TEXMEX music fans that attend Vegas Tejano Music Week dress to reflect the Tejano spirit or region they represent or with their favorite artist/band on shirts. The day events are casual during the EXPO with summer active wear (comfortable western wear, t-shirts, shorts, sandals, etc.). The evening Gran Baile we see coordinating country western styles or cocktail after-hours attire. We encourage you to dress comfortably.

I notice that professional photographers take pictures of guests at all events.

All Vegas Tejano Music Week guests may be filmed or photographed as part of the Week’s highlights, archives and future event promotion. By registering and buying tickets, you are agreeing to allow your image to be possibly included in any event pictures and/or video content.